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We here at USA Diamond Nutrition INC. have been manufacturing our own line of supplements for 17 years with unequalled success. Our priority is to provide our customer a superior product and the ability to serve the needs of both hard-core bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. In order to maintain the standards we set at the beginning, Diamond Nutrition selects only the finest raw materials that go into the production of our products. Along with the finest cutting-edge technology and manufacturing processes, we have created an unparallelled line of supplements with some of the most competitive prices in the industry.


The #1 Amino Acid In The World

What are Amino Acids?

Amino Acids are organic molecules that form the basic constituents of protein. Proteins are simply collections of large particles of accumulated links of peptides (or poly-peptides). In the digestion process proteins are broken down, a process called hydrolyzation, from poly-peptides to smaller oligo-peptides, then to di-peptides or tri-peptides, which are made up of two or three links of specific amino acids, called free-form amino acids, that are finally absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, we can see that amino acids are, quite simply, the most basic building blocks of proteins.


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